The Result Factory’s approach begins with a comprehensive fitness and health evaluation that assesses clients’ muscle strength and imbalances, endurance, and flexibility/range of motion. Based on the outcomes of the evaluation, we design customized workout and nutritional plans for clients to enable the attainment of personal fitness goals. Alton’s experience as a professional athlete combined with 8 years of experience in the fitness industry and continuous learning allows him to have a holistic understanding of the intricacies of the human body and of the proper technique, form, and exercises needed to create sustainable results. Not only does he provide maximum attention

within the confines of the gym, but he also conducts follow-up phone calls, assessments and maintains detailed records, inventories, information and reports to truly partner with his clients to create lifestyle transformations.

His experience as a top athlete and deep understanding of how the body functions allows Alton to apply his work towards meeting a diverse set of fitness and health goals including building strength, creating parity through-out the body, eradicating muscle imbalances, facilitating weight loss/gain, increasing agility/flexibility, and building speed.

Alton Kenner in The Result Factory Studio


Our brand new 6,000 square foot training facility at the Metropolitan Warehouse Lofts has everything you need for high-intensity, results-oriented workouts in a private setting.

• Long, open spaces for speed and agility work
• Cutting edge free weight & rig set up for full body & Olympic lifting
• Functional training area
• Stretch and massage studio
• Juice and smoothie bar complete with healthy snacks

The Result Factory Facility