About ResultFactory

Alton Kenner is an elite trainer, athlete, and fitness competition participant who founded The Result Factory to help others create lifestyle transformations through fitness and nutrition. He is also committed to bringing you the TRUTH when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and health so you can achieve REAL RESULTS!

Weighing Your Options: Free Weights vs. Machines

Walk into The Result Factory and you won’t see many machines – a rower and a leg extension is about all you’ll find. Instead you’ll see endless racks, bars, plates and dumbbells. Walk into your nearest big box gym (like LA Fitness) and you’ll see a giant room filled with machines and a small area with some free weights. There has always been a debate about which is better and I will lay it out the pros and cons of each.

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Get your stretch on

Have a hard time getting low for a squat? Can’t change direction as quickly as you’d like on the field/court? Flexibility is probably your issue. Flexibility is a critical part of fitness and often gets worse with age and the sedentary lifestyles that many people have today. Improved flexibility can improve your performance in aerobic training, strength training, and at sports, but is often overlooked in training routines. It also helps improve your posture through better muscular balance and reduces soreness and stiffness.

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