What not to wear!

Are you walking around like Frankenstein? Almost every time I start with a new client, they come into the gym wearing some clunky, heavy shoes that look fancy with air bubbles and lots of cushion. And I wonder “How can you even work out in those?”

Everyone is different, but I find it impossible to run and workout in shoes that weigh me down and don’t give any flexibility. For the last few years I’ve been using minimalist shoes and won’t step foot in anything else – they allow my foot to bend during lunges, encourage a toe strike when I’m sprinting, and allow me to be light on my feet during plyometric work. Minimalist shoes basically have less cushioning, a lower heel, and simulate a more “barefoot” experience.


Everyone is different, but if you’re looking for something that will really enhance your workout (and often minimize injury), check out some minimalist shoes. I have lots of clients who have made the switch and have seen huge differences in their workouts and even reduction in injuries.


I wear sneakers 24/7 and have a bit of an obsession with the latest and greatest. Lately I’ve been rocking Inov-8 non-stop, but Brooks and Zoot Sports also have some great options. And then if you like to spread your toes, there are always Vibrams. Check out the pictures below and try on a pair next time you go to pick up new workout shoes.


F-Lite 240 from Inov-8 - currently my go-to. Super flexible, breathable, and lightweight.


The new Pure Cadence by Brooks - haven't tried these yet, but wore my older version out!These zoots have bungee cords for laces so no stopping to tie your shoes


These zoots have bungee cords for laces so no stopping to tie your shoes

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